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Untangling the link between creativity and technology together. Tailored for creators, focuses on creativity and marketing software for solopreneurs, agencies and artists..

Untangling the link between creativity and technology together. Tailored for creators, focuses on creativity and marketing software for solopreneurs, agencies and artists..

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Software Folder Updates - Image & Website Content - Issue #25

In this issue we look at some handy tools and tips for building website content. From the beautiful photos and graphics, to the layout and full website pages they populate.


Software Folder Updates - Travel Photo Art Masterclass Issue #24

Download your photography surprise before it ends... As a creative photographer or photo artist, discover why you don't need fancy gear or travel to far-away places to get epic photos.


Software Folder Updates - Blockchain #NFT Art Getting Started #23

Unless you already have a firm understanding of how blockchain and crypto currency works, the first question you asked when made aware of NFT Art, was probably; Why?In some cases it’s quite clear to decipher what the practical use or value of an NFT art might…


Software Folder Updates - Heart & Pencil Issue #22

The Perfect Gift, Or Treat.To compliment our mission with providing creators of all walks of life with helpful content and actionable tips. We are now also focusing on providing a new lifestyle shopping experience for creators like you. Shop now


Software Folder Updates - Data Analytics Issue #21

The term “data” is one we are all familiar with. However, we tend to avoid or neglect delving into the mechanics and truly taking advantage of the data we have at hand. This could be because it’s complicated, grey and unpredictable. The following are software…


Software Folder Updates - Unity is Strength Issue #20

With the recent attack on Ukraine, the importance of unity has been made an even more obvious human necessity.


Software Folder Updates - Community Bonding Issue #19

In such remote times virtual community bonding couldn’t be a more essential ingredient for keeping it “real”.In this issue, we dare you to be inspired with one of our special invitations aimed at creators, entrepreneurs, and trending enthusiast.


Software Folder Updates - Last Chance to Thrive for Less - Issue #18

On the side...


Software Folder Updates - Thrive New Product Leak - Issue #17

Sell Anything, Customise Everything with Cutting Edge Visual Web Page Editing for WordPress


Software Folder Updates - Luminar Neo Early Access - Issue #16

Our top ten software solutions for 2021


Software Folder Updates - Apprentice Feature Reveal Issue #15

Thrive Apprentice 4.0 by Thrive Themes is the latest update to the most customisable WordPress course builder out there.Well, I’ve just had a behind the scenes look at the new features for Thrive Apprentice 4.0 and yep, as predicted, this update one is epic. …


Software Folder Updates -Camera Phone Issue #14

We invite friends from around the world to submit their camera phone photography for a Luminar make-over.


Software Folder - Documents Issue - #13

Three items of software for you in this issue, dedicated to the creation and management of documents. Starting with the best PDF alternative for everyone...


Software Folder - Analytics and Automation Stack - Issue #12

Thrive Automator - Smart Automations to Connect Your WordPress Site and Favourite AppsDiscover Thrive Automator to easily and quickly integrate your WordPress website with your favourite apps and plugins through smart automations.Plus, if you are a developer,…


Software Folder Dot Design Newsletter - Issue #11

Communicators and visual storytellers are using Luminar AI to create great looking content and artwork in less time... But, check-out what’s new with the latest update, version 1.4.0.


Software Folder Dot Design Newsletter - e-Learning Issue #10

Okay, that’s it for now. I hope you found at least 1 item useful for your online journey. BTW, you can always ‘hit us’ with a message of something you’d like us to explore. You can catch me on Facebook.Best regards,Brian


Software Folder - Create New Folder Newsletter - Issue #9

from: on a quest to be a useful resource during these remote times (hinting at the 2020 corona virus pandemic). The decision was made to explore the possibilities of growing a community for especially individuals navigating their way…


Software Folder Dot Design Newsletter - This The First Negative Space Font - Issue #8

Is This The First Negative Space Font?


Cheating Photography, or Just Darn Intelligent? - Issue #7

Cheating Photography, or Just Darn Intelligent?


Software Folder Dot Design Newsletter - Issue #6

Animated Web, Visual Content Creators and Photo Editing Trailblazers.